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Death Rites

“Shamanic wisdom tells us that after death the physical body goes back to the earth, our knowledge returns to the mountains, and our essence or soul returns to the stars” – Four Winds

In the west we are excellent at celebrating new beginnings and life, but are challenged when celebrating death. Shamans believe that death is the ultimate journey of liberation.

The Death Rites assist those coming to the end of their life, making their journey in peace and with grace. During this class we will cover the history behind our lost celebrations and the ancient traditions of the Indigenous people. You will also learn to guide loved ones as they make their final transition in a gentle holistic experience.

This class is structured for professions in care, hospice and hospitals; however, it is also effective for individuals to learn this skill. We advise you to complete the Traditions of the Medicine Rattle before booking this class.

Rite of the Womb

The Rite of the Womb is the 13th Rite of the Munay-ki from Peru. This advanced class helps you to connect more deeply to your feminine essence through deep healing transmissions and meditation. Utilising the ceremonial practices of the Divine Feminine spirit of the Amazon Jungle, these transmissions will release fear and pain held in the womb.

The womb is a place to create life, this nurturing rite offers the feminine spirit to be reawakened. This class is open to all women and men who want to unite to the spirit of the Andean tradition or connect to their energetic or spiritual womb. Once you receive this nurturing Rite, you can pass this on to the women in your community. This class involves, Group sharing, ceremonies, Story of the Feminine, and meditation.