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Munay Rites

The Munay Rites are ancient medicine traditions previously held within the Qero community, in the mountains of Peru. Similar to Reiki, these teachings will empower you by connecting you to a series of energetic transmissions.

During these three sessions, gently structured around the Andean teachings, you will receive the nine rites of the Munay-ki. You will learn to connect to the fundamental characterises and be guided through how to engage with them. Each rite will strengthen your energy body through self-development, enabling you to better face everyday challenges and improve your wellbeing.

Traditions of the Medicine Rattle

A Shaman’s rattle is a sacred tool. They are used to clear negative energy, create a sacred space and even be empowered to heal others. There are various ways to work with a rattle and each rattle is individual to the person.

In this three-week workshop, you will learn the traditions of the Medicine Rattle and personally craft your own as you begin to immerse yourself into a deeper understanding. This workshop builds on the foundations as you continue your shamanic journey.